• Numidia genuinely cares about the environment. By certifying for ISO 14001:2015, we set out the criteria for our environmental management system. This system provides assurance to our management, employees and external stakeholders that our environmental impact is being measured and improved continuously.
  • As of 2019 we offset our complete CO2-Footprint, including all transport and warehousing arranged for our customers. With this step we are the first global dairy trader to voluntarily compensate CO2.

The ISO 14001:2015 standard is implemented in order to create an Environmental Management System according to the requirements of the ISO standard. It manages the environmental impact of Numidia and ensures that possible negative impacts on the environment are reduced.

>> Management System Certificate

To determine the impact of Numidia on the environment, Numidia has identified the Carbon Footprint. By doing this, Numidia is able to set clear objectives to reduce the carbon emissions from its operations. This includes the direct carbon emissions from Numidia’s own buildings, but also of its indirect external operations such as warehousing, truck transport and ocean freight worldwide.

Numidia wants the best for its employees, customers, suppliers and surroundings; today and in the future. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact. Not only the direct footprint, but also the footprint for transport and warehousing created by Numidia.

We consider it our responsibility to contribute to CO2 reduction and compensation. We are proud to be the first global dairy trader to voluntarily compensate CO2 in its operations and pursuing continuous improvement in environmental performance, with reasonable practice, by setting objectives and targets in compliance with environmental management systems and legislation. With specific focus on the major emission sources such as transport of product.

Numidia is committed to continual improvement of environmental performance. This Policy is communicated internally, and is available to the public, contractors and suppliers.

@Numidia we are happy and proud to inform you that we have been awarded with Gold for the EcoVadis Sustainability rating.

EcoVadis is considered the world’s biggest platform for rating of business sustainability. The great news is that Numidia is in the top 1% (!) of companies rated by EcoVadis in our industry.

Download our performance overview and certificate.


NumiFood wants to be the best and most sustainable supplier of dairy foodservice products in the world for the foodservice market. We add value (technical support and innovation) for our customers, with whom we want to establish a long-term relationship..